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Enterprise and Corporate Procurement Systems

If you have a multiple facility practice, your ordering needs may be more complicated. We have setup custom purchasing systems for clients with hundreds of locations. Listed below are some of the features we can accommodate:

Order Approvals - We can setup an email based order approval system that includes maximum order thresholds to help your managers eliminate any wasteful spending. Each location can have up to 2 approvers that will receive emails whenever a location places an order with us. We can even setup a monthly spending limit so small orders can get automatically approved without bothering the managers.
Reporting - We can provide customized monthly reports to help you track all the products your locations are ordering.
EDI - If you are already using a procurement system for your enterprise that utilizes EDI to send orders and receive invoices, we can integrate your system with ours to automate your ordering and data.
Patient Revenues - We have exclusive partnerships for integrating Retail Point of Sale, Inventory, and Sales Tax Management into your clinic to help drive patient revenues and positive treatment outcomes.

If you have additional requests, we are constantly working to improve our technology and can help accommodate your ordering needs!