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Vasyli Medical™ Howard Dananberg Orthotic Insoles

Brand: Vasyli Medical

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  • World’s first professional orthotic device with removable 1st ray sections. 
  • You can remove proximal and distal plugs individually or together, as needed, making treatment of 1st ray function easier.
  • To accommodate variations in the length of a patient’s foot and toes, you can remove the plugs when fitting the orthotic, ensuring the head of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) coincides with the removed plug.
  • In cases where maximum effect is required, such as with structural hallux limitus (SHL), you can remove both plugs offering a larger path of least resistance to the joint.
  • This orthotic is also heat moldable, allowing personalization of rear foot control. 
  • And you can choose from a selection of additions to fine-tune the orthotic for each patient.
  • The flexibility of the design allows for a wide combination of applications to address your patients’ tri-planar motion problems.
  • Sold in pairs.