Richmar® MicroBlock Antimicrobial Electrodes 2" Round Cloth 4/Pack

Brand: Richmar

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  • Infection Prevention - MicroBlock antimicrobial electrodes are the first and only electrodes on the market that help kill and inhibit the growth of common bacteria on and around the zone of inhibition of the electrode surface
  • Clinical devices are intended to be cleaned between patients, but electrodes like those used in electrotherapy treatments are known to accumulate dead skin cells and transfer bacteria
  • MicroBlocks gel is suffused with benzethonium chloride (BEC) which is a known antiviral, bactericidal, and bacteriostatic agent which demonstrates a greater than 4 log⏨ reduction against each of these infectious microoganisms
  • MicroBlock is more than 99.99% effective at eliminating bacteria, and maintains that effectiveness throughout the life of the electrode
  • MicroBlock electrodes do more than kill the dangerous microorganisms around the surface of the electrode, further helping to prevent contamination and colonization
  • Longer Performance - These electrodes have been tested to maintain performance for more treatments than competing electrodes