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Quantum 400 Series Intersegmental Table

Brand: Armedica

Available to order



  • An electromechanical treatment table designed to release muscle tension and deliver soothing massage.
  • It features a rugged frame, dependable construction, and quality components that are intended to provide many years of professional service.
  • This table has 3 rollers that move longitudinally along the spine, vertically to vary intensity, and tumble as well.
  • It comes with control pendant, knee bolster, and foot cover.
  • Features motorized elevation and vibration
  • Hand-held remote control with cord
  • Remembers last treatment setting
  • Lockable settings to prevent tampering
  • Ultra smooth nylon massage rollers
  • Adjustable roller massage pressure via LED display
  • Selectable vibration timer (0-30min)
  • Full spine or targeted treatment areas
  • Four ball casters are included in the standard installation
  • Protective cover for foot area
  • Bolster Knee Pillow, 6"W x 20"L x 7"H
  • Table dimensions: 25"W x 78"L x 27"H
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on rollers. 1 year warranty on parts and labor . 5 year warranty on motors.
  • Available Pendant Controls:
    • Power ON/OFF
    • Vibration ON/OFF
    • Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise Roller Massage Direction
    • Lockout Button Controls to prevent tampering
    • Treatment Time Indicator
    • Start/Stop Treatment
    • Patient Control
    • Cervical-Lumbar Tracking Control
    • Roller Height Control