ThermoActive™ ThermoTherapy™ Hot & Cold Compression Support Back/Lumbar

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Brand: ThermoActive

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  • The ThermoActive™ ThermoTherapy™ Hot & Cold Compression Supports promote movement and exercise to speed up recovery and improve range of motion.
  • Includes removeable gel pack can be used to cold or heat therapy.
  • Use cold therapy as a natural analgesic, relieve inflammation, reduce edema.
  • Use heat therapy as anatural analgesic, increase circulation, and connective tissue extensibility.
  • The unique compression pump allows you to securely fit the support and apply uniform, 360 degree contact, and improved stability alignment.
  • The ThermoActive™ Back Support utilizes a strap that conveniently adjusts in the front, allowing you to easily customize the fit.
  • Additional Use: The Back Support can be used without the Gel Pack as a traditional anatomical lumbar support.
  • Indications: Lumbar injuries and strains, Thoracic injuries and strains, Post-Surgical recovery, back muscle soreness and spasms, Sciatica, SI Joint pain, arthritis
  • Includes: Anatomical Wrap, Gel Pack, one pair of Extender Straps & Removable Hand Pump
  • Fits circumference up to 46" as is or up to 66" with extension straps that are included