Pathway™ MR-10 Single Channel EMG System

Brand: The Prometheus Group

Available to order



  • Continuous operation or work/rest prompts
  • Automatic data storage
  • USB Communication to PC
  • Functional electrical stimulator interface
  • Hand-held portability
  • Carry case
  • Convenient 9 volt battery
  • Easy to operate
  • Goal types include: Above Tone, Below Tone, Above Stim, Below Stim, Maximum Display with Marker. Plus…Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio for Dual Channel Systems
  • Equipment & Accessories Include:
    • One Pathway MR-10 Module
    • One Pathway Preamplifier
    • One packet of 4 Pathway Electrodes
    • One Operator's Guide
    • One Carry Pouch.