Travanti Medical Iontopatch 80 Transdermal Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System 6/Pack

Brand: IontoPatch

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  • Dosage: 80mA-minutes
  • Fill Volume: 1.3 ml
  • Average Patient Wear Time: 14 hours
  • Includes:
    • 6 Latex Free Patches
    • 6 Saline Vials
    • 6 Patient Information Sheets
    • 1 Technical Overview
    • 12 Adhesive Dots
  • It is a non-invasive alternative to an injection and is designed for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Market.
  • An innovative, self-contained battery produces a low-level electric current to carry drug molecules non-invasively across the skin and to underlying tissue.
  • Drug delivery is shut off automatically when the prescribed dose has been administered.
  • The IontoPatch is single-use and disposable.
  • No charging station or controller is needed.
  • It is wrappable, compressible and weight-bearing.