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Healthy You® Latex Free Resistance Band 50 Yard

Brand: Healthy You
$55.13 to $73.25

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  • The Healthy You Latex Free Resistance Bands were created for physical therapy and rehabilitation to improve strength, range of motion, or flexibility.
  • They are manufactured to be molecularly similar to latex but protein/allergen free.
  • Our unique latex free material stretches and feels just like latex band.  
  • It also has a higher tear strength and more proportionate resistance compared to TPE resistance bands.
  • The Level Up System includes 5 levels of resistance.
  • Level 1 is the least resistive and each level increases in steps to the highest resistance Level 5.
  • Designed for clinical use with bulk rolls in a dispenser box that are easy to cut to a desired length or precut patient packs.
  • Like all Healthy You Brand products the professional level quality ensures they can withstand heavy duty clinical use but are also perfect for at home treatments.