Dynamic Tape Eco

Brand: Dynamic Tape
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  • Dynamic Tape® is specially designed, highly elastic tape (over 200%) and is completely different from rigid sports tapes and kinesiology tapes.
  • Its unique properties and four way stretch allow for truly biomechanical approach to taping, something that integrates well with a clinician’s clinical reasoning process.
  • Dynamic Tape® Eco hits a much higher resistance much sooner in its stretch cycle which makes it ideal for support when there is little movement occurring to create stretch and tension.
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles using Patent Pending technology.
  • these unique properties create a higher modulus of elasticity meaning that the tape creates stronger resistance much sooner in range making it ideal for a variety of taping applications.
  • Originally developed for athletes, sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, it is increasingly becoming an essential tool for therapists of all disciplines proving popular with neurological, pediatric and hand therapists.
  • The tape is applied in a way that allows the elastic energy to decelerate motion and absorb load (eccentric), store energy once deceleration is complete and then re-inject it back into the system as shortening commences (concentric) in much the same way as a bungee cord.
  • In this way it can assist weak, injured or overloaded muscles or can be used to modify movement patterns to indirectly reduce loading or improve technique.
  • Available in two width: 2" (5cm) and 3" (7.5cm).
  • 16.4" (5m) in length.