Chiropractor's Blend™ Thyroid Support Body Lean XL 60 Capsules

Brand: Chiropractor's Blend

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  • Chiropractor's Blend Thyroid - Body Lean XL is packed with a triple action formula especially designed to enable the body
  • to thrive while helping burn unwanted fat.
  • Thermogenic Advanced Blend increases thermogenesis (calorie burning) naturally, it has also been found to suppress fat production and food intake, increase energy levels, and cause a more efficient process of metabolizing fat.
  • Thyroid Stimulator Complex with L-Tyrosine, guggal, nori and the additional potassium iodine offers optimum support to thyroid health during weight loss, which is key.
  • 100% Pure South African Hoodia Gordonii has been added and has shown to maximize the aid in appetite control
  • By adding select fat fighting natural ingredients found in Body Lean 3000 Ultra Thermogenic, you get one of the most potent and advanced fat burning and advanced thyroid stimulator complex blends on the market today!
  • Non-addictive and Ephedrine Free
  • Will not cause insomnia or nervousness
  • Ultimate Thyroid Stimulator Complex for Thyroid Health Support