Chiropractor's Blend Osteo Bone Complex 4000 180 Capsules

Brand: Chiropractor's Blend

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  • Chiropractor's Blend Optimal Calcium Osteo Bone Complex 4000 now offers a unique source of calcium and related bone-building naturals for those who wish to maximize bone density throughout their life.
  • With 4000 mg of MCHC, which is naturally found in human bone and is considered to be superior to all necessary bone structure compounds.
  • Natural 4000 MCHC Osteo Bone Complex ™ now provides a 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio.
  • We have also added Vitamin K1, K2 and much more.
  • Natural 4000 MCHC Osteo Bone Complex™ an award winning complex for maximum bone health power.